Coleen F 1957 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

Oh Please Baby ♥

In August 2013 my John fell in love all over again. His eye's were fixed on her lovely Red contours, her white walled tires and the port hole windows and he could hardly speak. When he could , he asked if I would get it for his birthday coming up that month. Well I gasped and thought he blew a gasket :( I was upset at the very idea of it. After hours of sorrow and stories of how important it was to him and how it was always a Dream of his to own one, I went to work and had it shipped to our home and it arrived on the day I had his party with everyone to see his face. THAT IS LOVE. Today, July 2014 I sit in front of this beautiful car and remember his smile and how special it was to make a dream come true for the man I loved more than air! I laid my husband John to rest on May 27th 2014. If I had not put my worries to rest, he may never have had that day with his dream car which is etched in my heart. I still hear his words, "Oh Please Baby, Please! ♥ Love, Coleenie

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    Harold H Southern California July 17, 2014 at 02:25
    John was a very lucky man.
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    Robert Stone United States July 24, 2014 at 21:29
    You, my dear, like the car, are a keeper! May God bless you and comfort you.

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