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My first time...

I was 17, had my own license, and wanted to stop borrowing my mom's car... I needed one of my own! Three friends and I each chipped in $50 to buy a Datsun 510 (PO had painted with latex paint and a roller) to learn standard in. Had my summer job, saved some cash, so I was browsing thru the papers trying to find the Lambo in my price range... or, if that was not available, something else for my teenage sensibilities.

I'd seen a Fiat X-19 (looks like a wedge of cheese), and thought that was what I needed but all I found in the local paper was a guy selling a Fiat 124.

There was no such thing as "internet" way back then (yeah, yeah... long ago), so I had no idea what a Fiat 124 looked like. Got a ride up (sigh, with mom), stopped in to look at it. Not similar to the X-19... but I liked it. Owner let me take it for a test drive. ***Note... a fairly well-done Fiat 124 has a LOT more gusto than an extremely tired Datsun 510. When I popped the clutch, sprayed gravel at the owner...

After making the final of four $250 payments, I got another ride there (thanks mom), sat in the drivers seat and drove off. Still, to this day, one of my BEST memories is driving on the road, top down, crisp day, seeing mom's car in the rear view as I accelerated on.

I still pass that same spot of road, think about it every time. Miss that original car, have bought an '80 to replace it. Still have my old VIN#, so if I see the old one...

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    VickiZ Washington April 15, 2015 at 17:41
    I am original owner of '71 Spider and she still gives a good ride. Fortunate enough to not have needed extensive work but I do treat her to a dry, clean garage.

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