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My first "new" car

Of all the good stories, the first has to be the best.

I had been driving a 94 Explorer for 16 years as it was handed down to me and I couldn't afford anything else. I happened to inherit some money under the worst circumstances and figured I wanted to do something special with the lump sum. There was only one thing in the world that I really wanted.

I looked for almost a year for something I could afford and like. Since most of my family grew up working for Chrysler at Dodge Main, Jefferson Assembly, and other's in metro Detroit, I thought a Mopar would fit me quite nice. At the point where I had given up for the year, I went to the big AACA meet in Hershey and there she was, in the car corral, shiny beautiful and brown with black stripes. (getting misty) It struck me so hard when I looked at it I was in a trance. I walked up to it not thinking there was any way it would be in my price range. The non matching numbers, needs just a little TLC, owner retiring to Arizona and didn't want to ship it there, put it right in my range.

I drove the 3.5 hours back to Hershey to pick it up one evening to excited to think logically that it might not be a good idea to drive an unfamiliar 40 year old car 4 hours in the dark without tools... or a thorough inspection, or come to find out working dash lights, speedometer, or gauges. I was so happy to see it sitting there, I took a picture with it, signed the papers, and off we went. Stopping to fill up right away after I figured out where the gas cap was. Then turned the high beams on after I called someone to find out where the switch was.

She made it all the way home without a problem, pacing my girlfriends car in front of me. Stopping to get gas seemingly every other exit, pictures being taken by passing motorists..

And that was that, 5 years ago a 26 year old bought his first new car.

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