Tom K 1941 Packard Limosene

My Little Bro'

Another summer, another family vacation. This time it was a Classic Car Club of America caravan of classic cars from northern Ohio to northern Minnesota. My entire family including sisters, brother, Mom and Dad set out for a week of fun and frivolity in my Mom and Dad's 1941 seven passenger Packard limo (there were seven of us!), our second ever caravan as a family.

I'd tell you that my most fun day was the day it rained all night at the "resort" we dubbed "for the newly wed or nearly dead," but all we did that day was bounce on the bed which we later broke, and saying it was my most favorite day, would be a lie.

No, my favorite day was the day my little brother's breakfast didn't agree with him and he decided to share it with all by regurgitating it in the most explosive way.

Why in heaven's name would that have been my favorite day?! Because I was riding in another car with a friend!

P.S.: My Dad and one sister were very happy the Packard was a limo because the glass partition sure came in handy that day!

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