Michelle L 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Mustang Memory

When I was 15(1980) , My brothers friend drove over his new car to our home, we always had numerous cars at our home , as my brother who was 7 yrs older than me was into race cars and Hot Rods, Well the New car was a 1966 Ford Mustang, it was not much to look at but was I ever in love, I went to my dad and said that's the car I want when I get my license in 6 mths, his response was , if you can lose weight and get back into shape, ill buy you that car, I went from Weighing 220, to 125, and wow did I look good. The keys to my new car were in my Birthday card. Over the next year, with the help of my brother we rebuilt the 289, installed new floor boards and carpet, had the rust repaired and the car repainted , We made this car look completely like showroom condition. It was the greatest feeling in the world on a warm MN summer to go cruising in the Mustang.

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