Tony S 1998 Lincoln Continental Mk VIII LSC 2dr Coupe

Just wanted a regular car for a daily driver

In 1999 I bought a 1995 Mark VIII for my wifes daily driver, when we lived in CA. Moved to CT and brought the car with us. 12 years later it started showing it's age, and I asked my wife if she would like a new AWD MKZ. She answered NO, I like my car (95). I started looking for something she would use while I re did the 95. Found a car way up near Cape Cod, and had to buy it. It's a 1998 Mark VIII Collectors Edition, only 1300 made. Only 90K miles. Had to drive it back through some bad weather, rain,sleet, and snow. Window washers didn't work so had to stop 1/2 way to clean the windshield. After going through the car top to bottom, I knew this was a special car and my wife wouldn't be using it as a DD. I now have 5 Lincoln Mark VIII's, 2 are collector Editions. Get 1 collector car, and seems like you have to have more. She's back in her like new 95, and happy.

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