russ k 1969 Mercury Cougar 2dr Convertible

I Got Lucky

in 1972 I was 17 years old and had just moved by myself to cal. from Brooklyn New York. I had opened a bank account at the now defunct Security Pacific Bank. in 1974 I decided that I needed a car so I went to operations manager and talked with her. Having no credit and only a few hundred dollars in my account she told me to go look and find something that I thought I could afford. I went ( By bus) to Johnson and Son motors in Costa Mesa Ca. They had all kinds of cars that I really liked but I settled on a 1972 hardtop cougar priced at $ 3700.

I went back to the bank with all the information and talked with the operations manager.

She was really nice and told me that it was too much money for her to lend me and to go back and find something else,

which I did (by Bus AGAIN)

They showed me a 1969 Cougar convertible for $1650.00. Being from New York I had never seen, much less owned a convertible. I went back to the bank with this new found information and The Operations manager said that it was still to much for me.

She said that she would lend me a few hundred (out of her own pocket) and give me Bank car loan for the rest.

My payments were 69.50 a month and I paid off the car in a year and also paid that very nice lady who took a chance on a 20 year old kid .

The best part is

I still have and drive that 1969 cougar convertible today

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