Marc P 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 2dr Coupe

Fresh out of the Marine Corps

My dream car has always been a 69 &1/2 Road runner. I have owned 2 Road Runners previous to this. And being young and foolish, I wrecked them both. Right after I was Discharged in the early 90's, I started Drag racing a 5.0 Mustang my wife and I bought on active duty. I was looking for extra wheels so I could put slicks on, and was at a co-workers dad's pole barn when I saw the outline of a road runner under a car cover. Come to find out that it was an original Six Barrel Road Runner. Everything was broken, but most of it was there. After about 6-7 months of negotiation with his dad, money changed hands and it was mine. He delivered it on my birthday. Best birthday present ever. Now that I have 2 children (boys), they have clained ownership, and have to be constantly reminded who really owns the car. At least I now have 2 car waxers that can wax it from the door handles down. I really enjoy working with my boys on it. It really brings us together.

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