Sandy B 1961 Rambler Convertible


Yes, that is a 1961 Rambler Convertible in the photo and I was excited to be taking my daughter-in-law and her sister, for a ride in my mother's classic car. She died in 1985 and I inherited it with all her nail polish touch-up spots on original paint dings. I love it even if it looks like it has the measles.

Back to the ride in 2012. We were going out to dinner and just the three of us went in the convertible, top down of course. My husband and the rest of the family went in another car, not a fun convertible, of course. The ride to the restaurant was perfect and drew lots of attention from passing motorists. I'm sure it was the car they were admiring and not my two beautiful passengers. Anyway, dinner was perfect, too, and the family conversations were lively and long. It was finally time to go and what a shock awaited us as we stepped outside. The weather had changed from sunny and warm to dark and cold.

No problem I said. We will just put the top up and turn on the heater. OH, Oh, the top wouldn't go up for some reason and the other( not fun car) with the other family members had already pulled out of the parking lot and disappeared. Well, we were the adventurous, brave ones anyway, so off we drove with the #%&*#*% top down and heater on full blast. Twenty minutes later we pulled into the driveway, cold and shivering, and anxious to put this bad car away for the night and get in the house to warm up. The house was dark, though, which meant the rest of the family in the other (not fun but warm ) car must have stopped at the store before coming home.

Sister Beth volunteered to open the garage door and daughter-in-law Brenda got out of the car, too, since it was too crowded once in the garage to open the car door. We were all in a hurry and I had forgotten one very important thing...the bay where the convertible was going for the night has a very important garage door. It is the only door that is rigged to the.....yep, .. the alarm went off loudly, blaring its message: BREAK IN!!! BREAK IN!!! BREAK IN!!! Well, Beth let the door drop when she ran out under it, and Brenda ran behind the motor home trying to hide, from what I don't know. Meanwhile, I almost forgot to put the fun car in neutral when I jumped out and ran to the back door to get inside to turn off the alarm, forgetting that I didn't have the back door key. Of course, when the family in the "other car" drove in, we were sure the police were not far behind them since I also forgot to call the security company with the appropriate pass code.. My husband raced for the back door and the alarm box inside while Brenda, Beth, and I were laughing so hard we were crying, trying to tell our story while the alarm was still blaring. Every time I see that peaceful BEFORE photo of my 1961 Rambler Convertible, I am reminded of how our evening ended not very peaceful AFTER THE BURGLAR ALARM WENT OFF.

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