Robert F 1967 Alfa Romeo Quattroruote Zagato

(Alfa) Dreams Sometimes Do Come True

In 1967, between college and medical school, I lived as a poor student in Rome for a year. Every night, returning home in a friend's Fiat 500, I passed an Alfa Romeo dealership in downtown Rome. In the center of the showroom, under bright spotlights, was a historic looking, glorious, red Alfa Romeo. I religiously read the famous Italian auto magazine, Quattroruote, and knew that this car was a limited issue remake of the famous 1750, a great champion from 1929-1931, but with "modern" (1967) mechanicals. It was made at the request of the editors of Quattroruote, and was a collaboration between Alfa and Zagato, the coach maker of the original 1750. I remember stopping and pressing my nose to the show room windows every night, dreaming that some day I would be able to have that car.

There are very few Alfa Romeo Quattroruote Zagato's, 92 were built, and possibly as few as 45 or so remain, and they almost never come on the market. For years, I thought that perhaps my dream was really nothing but a dream.

But many years, many wonderful cars, and several Alfa's later, I was scanning some of the websites looking for a GTV. Instead, to my surprise, in June, 2013, I noticed a red Alfa Romeo Quattroruote Zagato for sale in Georgia. I was on the next flight from Baltimore and purchased it that day.

Upon looking at its history, and confirming its VIN with the Alfa historical people, I was delighted to learn that my car had been delivered to the the Rome dealership in 1967. It was exactly the one that this love-sick pre-medical student spent many hours looking at late at night, 46 years earlier.

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