anthony m 1961 Pontiac Ventura 2dr Sport Coupe


It was the summer of 1975 and my girlfriend Lisa, my cousin Mike and his girl decided to take a trip to Wildwood New Jersey for a few days of R&R. On the second night we were there we decided to get some seafood for dinner and made inquiries at the front desk for a good place for seafood nearby of the hotel. The young lady gave us some directions and we took off in search of the restaurant. lo and behold we made some wrong turns and were totally lost and it was getting late. I spotted a police car and pulled over to ask if he knew where it was located and he started to tell us when he decided to have us follow him as he was going off duty. So we got behind him and began to follow him. We were stopped at a red light when all of a sudden he turned on his lights and siren and took off and I immediately took off after him. At this point my girlfriend said what are you doing? I looked at her and said, hey he told me to follow him so I am. We sped along going thru a couple of turns and all of a sudden he was pulling over the car he was chasing on a side street and a few seconds later as he was getting out of the patrol car, I came up behind him screeching to a halt. He looked up at me and shook his head. After he finished writing up the car he was chasing, he walked up to me and apologized for forgetting that I was following him. I responded, " Hey no problem, that was great, my first car chase and I had a ball"!. " I felt like Starsky and Hutch!!! He smiled and proceeded to lead us to the restaurant, which by that time had closed and we ended up at some diner for burgers!!!!!

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