brandon P 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

had to pick up dad the in next morning

So my father gave me his 68 vette cause it always needed something done to it! Only stipulation, I take him out every fathers day! Well it was the Saturday night before father's day and the car was running great, I took my brother out for a couple drinks and before you know it we are hard shifting up the on ramp, when a burst of smoke and all kinds racket from the engine compartment . exploded water pump at 11 pm, not good, hitched a ride home to get the truck, late night call to my buddy for his trailer I was on my way. Well a mile down the road I knew something was wrong when I hit the brakes and the trailer slammed into the back of the truck! Shit, in a hurry didn't latch the hitch properly! On top of everything now I have to buy a jack for my buddies trailor. Go to the vette, while pushing it on the trailer my brother grabs the back end and tail light and gives a big shove. Crack! Broken tail light! So I get the car home at 1am take a brief nap and pick up a water pump at 7 am. Replaced the pump with no time for a test drive, and I take of to get my dad , happily no problems at all and fathers day went well without a hitch!

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