Hardy D 1954 Ford Victoria

Wild Ride In A Restored 1954 Ford

My best memory in a classic car:

Back in about the late 90’s, I was shopping for a classic car on line. I found the ideal candidate. It was a 1954 Ford Victoria, restored, and fresh out of storage. It was located in Idaho, and I lived in Texas. I had always dreamed of driving a classic across the country. We decided to purchase the car and sent a deposit with balance due on delivery. We then made arrangements to fly to Idaho with plans to drive it back. I packed some tools, a distributor cap, rotor, new points, duct tape, and a few minor things. My wife, myself, and our dog flew to Idaho and met the owner. We got in his Suburban and headed for the place the car was stored. Along the way he mentioned he keeps a gun in the car for safety. Made us a little un-easy since we didn’t know him and I had a bunch of cash on me for the car. All went well, and we arrived at our destination. The car was beautiful, and as described , fully original in detail. I took it for a test drive and it was then it was a done deal. We loaded our belongings, tools, parts, and dog and headed out. We headed for Yellowstone Park first. We stopped in some little town for the night. The car performed great. That night I became deathly ill. There was no medical facilities anywhere. I told my wife what to do with all my possessions, in the event I didn’t make it through the night. Well, I did make it through, but was very weak and in bad shape. I explained to her how to drive the Ford, as it was 3 on the tree with overdrive. We headed out through Yellowstone. We came to “Old Faithful” and I suggested we stop, as I might never have another chance to see it. After that we hit the road again. My wife was very worried about my condition, so it was “peddle to the metal”. We roared through the Grand Titans, the ‘54 responding well. As we neared Cheyenne Wyoming, the car slowed to a stop. I got out and found that the gas line near the fuel pump had cracked and was leaking. We were in the middle of nowhere, nothing in site. (Remember this was before cell phones, so we didn’t have those either.) I was weak and couldn’t figure out what to do. My wife said, you have duct tape don’t you? I said yes, but that won’t hold gasoline. She said what have you got to lose? I wrapped the line over and over with duct tape. The old six volt battery was weak and the car wouldn’t start. We both got out and began to push. We got it rolling, I got in and popped the clutch, she started. We limped into Cheyenne, to an auto parts store. I got the new hose, and we were off. I was getting weaker. My wife put down the gas pedal and the old “Y” block Ford came to a roar. I know we were doing well over the limit as we passed through Colorado like a flash. We pulled into our home safe and sound. The old Ford was rattling a little, as she hadn’t probably gone that fast and hard in many many years. The next day I was admitted to the hospital where surgery was performed.

Now years later I am healthy and fine, and will always remember the beautiful scenery, and the wild ride in our 1954 Ford Victoria.

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