Tammie R

Welcome home from Iraq...and I didn't even get a kiss!

In 2008 my husband was on a 15 month deployment to Iraq. He was on a QRF team and the missions were at the very least, worrisome for me. So I decided to buy him a 1972 Chevelle SS as a welcome home present and some incentive to play it a little safer than what they had been doing...lol.. I sent him lots of pics and answered hundreds of questions. His whole squad was geeked. On the day they arrived home the Battalion commander who also knew about the car had a space sectioned off so it would be directly in front of the busses as they pulled in. And even posted soldiers to "watch" it while we were inside waiting. And then the music started and the crowd roared our heroes came marching through the door! Our guys were home after 15 long long months, All of us wives were so eager to get our hands on our guys and do just like you see in the pictures and give them a big welcome home. The ceremony only lasted about 10 minutes. Then chaos ensues as everyone rushes to their soldier. Sounds good huh? Well my husband and his squad didn't even wait they ran out the back door and straight to the car. We walked out to them all loving on the car. It was precious, I was told later that they all used that car as incentive to get home and get their own. and to their credit a lot of them did. that car has been so much fun for all of us, and has a deep sentimental feeling because it took a dark chapter of our life and gave it some light. He deployed again the next year and after several injuries was medically retired last August our goal is too get a couple of more and just enjoy the retirement. To many people cars are just objects, but in this household that car was a lifeline for 16 very special guys!

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