peter b 1972 gazelle


So the year was 2002. I'm in the state of Florida and its January so slightly cold but not really. My father owned a 1972 Mercedes Gazelle and has not driven it in years so I begged him to let me have it before he just sold it off to some stranger. As Im driving this car, im about 25 years of age and boy did I think I was coooool. The top is down, convertible style, hair blowing in the wind. Life was good. I told my at the time girlfriend I had a surprise to show her and if you could only see her face when I arrived at her house with this gorgeous automobile. Needless to say she jumped in and we went for a ride for literally 8 hours of just driving around the beaches of Florida. Eventually we pulled over as the night was over and the next day was starting to watch the sunrise. The best part about this story without telling to many specifics.........

9 months later we had a beautiful baby 9 lb boy named Noah. We are now married and I refuse to sell this car.

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