Harry C 1931 Ford Model A 4dr Town Sedan

The mouse

This story takes place about 5 years ago shortly after I got my drivers licence. My dad has a 1931 ford that I grew up around my whole life. As soon as I got my permit I was behind the wheel of that car. So shortly after I got my licence we went to a car show and my dad offered to let me drive the car home solo. He was of course following me to make sure I made it home. Everything was going great and then all the sudden I saw a mouse up on the dash I looked at it in shock and when I saw it move I swerved and pulled over and ran out of the car. My dad was very confused he immediately thought there was a problem with the car. I told him there was a mouse in side and then he decided to drive it the rest of the way home. At first he did not believe me and then the mouse appered on ledge of the drivers side window right by his arm. He immediately pulled over. Eventually we got the car home and the mouse was taken care of but that was the first time I got to drive that car by my self and it took my dad another month or two before he would let me drive it again.

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