The Birth of the JAGERRARI

Country music star Rick Monroe, a family friend partnered with Jagermeister for their upcoming Country Music Tour. Jagermeister and Rick are very supportive of their message of "when you do drink, drink responsibly" in conjunction with a "Don't Drink and Drive" mantra.

We wanted to do something fun and supportive for Monroe's upcoming Jager tour. In an effort to get the word out for Rick's new "It's a Love Thing" CD and the Country Music Tour we incorporated the famous Jagermeister Tap onto our favorite ride, a 1997 355 Ferrari Spider, and the JAGERRARI was conceived... the perfect combination of "OMG" and "What is That?"

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    Tammi Los Angeles July 16, 2014 at 18:28
    Love the Jagerrari!! :)

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