NICK H 1957 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible


MY wife and I grew up in the late fifties and early sixties, we met at age 14 and17 and married at 16 and 19 we never had a lot of money and didn't finish college, but what we did have was three wonderful children two girls and a boy. I had always been fascinated with old cars, especially the 1955, 56, 57 Ford Thunderbird. I had two chances in my lifetime to buy one but was overuled by my wife. Once when my oldest daughter was a baby but it wasn't practical since it only has one seat and another time later on in life when my kids were grown and I would have had to take all of my savings to buy this particular one, I tried to tell my wife it would be a good investment but that didn't work. All of my childrens lives I would tell them the story of the two times I almost had one until I knew they were probably sick of hearing it and I would always tell them if you wanted something special like that you need to stay in school and not do what I did. My kids did just that a dental hygienst, a nurse practioner and a physician. This past fathers day my son bought us a stay at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas and he stayed the night to. He told us to valet park and after dinner my wife and I would go to a play. When time came to get my car I gave my parking ticket to the attendant, my son and wife were waiting with me when a 1957 Ford Thunderbird pulled up fully restored a truly beautiful car, I told my son what a lucky dude that owns that car. The parking attendant calls out my name and hands me the keys. I told him thats not my car you have made a mistake, my son says yes it is dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY I am here to tell you I cried like a baby, and everytime I tell this story I cry including now. I have the car it is sitting in my driveway and can't tell you what it means to me, at 68 years old I never thought I would have it. I GUESS IT DOES PAY TO STAY IN SCHOOL.

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