Bob M 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner 2dr Hardtop Coupe


This car that was originally built in 1956, it was scalloped originally by Big daddy Roth in his first shop on Firestone Blvd, in Southgate California. It was one of the first cars that Ed painted scallops and painted the name on the car that was named by a popular song in the early fifties. I at the time was a member of the Drag wagons car club of Maywood, California. Ed became a member of this club and really became active after his years with The Baron and his move to Slauson Ave In Maywood, California. After Ed's move to Manti, Utah, I contacted Ed and told him I was going to build another Silhouette, he was more excited than me! Of course a short time later he passed away, but I kept my promise and built a clone to Silhouette. The new car was identical in all the exterior paint, modification's and interior. The engine and drivetrain was changed to all modern running gear. I drove this clone to Manti, Utah to Ed's memorial in 2011, I recently sold this car to a Gentleman in Palos Verdes, California. I have built four cars since I retired,. I have traveled to the Canadian Street Rod Nationals, Oklahoma City to the Street Rod Nationals, Spokane, Washington for the Chevrolet Nomad Association and Route 66 along with many other trips with my cars. As I get older my trips are shorter but the drives are exciting as ever. Each and every car has and will be insured by Haggerty Insurance, they know what it is about! and yes I've turned in claims, when you drive them, things happen. But the thrill is always there, of by they way I Don't Own A Trailer!

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