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Shopping for my first car in 1970

After I finished my education in 1970 I started shopping for my first car. My dad always drove the lower priced 4 door Chevys with 6 cylinder and manual transmission. He had looked at a few 4 door cars for sale for me so I thought I better find something before I ended up with a 4 door car. At one time we had a white 1963 Chevy Biscayne with the 6 stick. Friends had a white 1963 SS and I always like those Chevys with the 3 taillights. A dealer in town had a 1963 white 2 door hardtop with the 409 engine and 3 speed on the column. I told my dad about it and he went to test drive it when he went to town. When he came home he said I don't want that car, the clutch is slipping. So when I went to town I took it out for a test drive. I got on the highway and punched it, it didn't have posi so the one rear wheel just spun and smoked so the clutch was good but that is why my dad thought the clutch was slipping. I could tell the car had a tough life and it maybe it was best I didn't get it. At least my dad switched gears to looking at 2 door hard tops. We found a low mileage black 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 289 auto that became my first car. It was a great car and I have many fond memories of it.

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