priscilla p 1966 Mustang 289 Hardtop

RIP MA, Up In The Clouds

Hello, to anyone who reads my story. This is about my Mom's car,her 1966 Aquamarine Mustang. The 1st time I was able to drive it was 1970 at the age of 17, my Dad was teaching me to drive. I remember gently stepping on the brake and he yelled step on the brake, I replied I am Dad. And, so, I hit the brake harder, all turned out well. The next time I was behind the wheel was at 18, 1971. I had asked my Mom if I could take the car for a really short drive and she agreed. Well, since I was a shy type of youngin, ,driving that car made me feel so proud,confident and 6feet tall instead of 5 feet. Later in years, my Mom mentioned she was going to give this Jewel to my nephew. I said to myself "what a lucky kid". Well, before it was time to give my nephew the Mustang, which I had given it the name " Up In The Clouds ", during my short drive in 1971 my Mom decided to tell my husband and I in April , 2000 we were going to be given Up In The Clouds, I was shocked,happy and CONFUSED! I asked her,

I thought the Mustang was going to your grandson, my Mom replied, no, I decided to give it to you and your husband. I had asked her again, why did you change your mind? She replied, you take care of me, take me to the doctor's, find new doctor's when your not happy with the one I have, you rented a car to take me where I needed to go when yours was at the mechanic's,take me food shopping and so I decided to reward you my daughter for being a good daughter and your husband never complains. You haven't had much luck with the cars you have had and I want to do this for you both. Well, we had it insured with regular car insurance because of the rules with Antique Insurance until May 5th,2006. We already had a great Kia Spectra 2001, and although our Kia was not an All American I think that car had a mind and heart,it was one of a kind till 2011. Getting a little side tracked here,sorry about that. We ended up with a 2nd hand 1984 pick-up so we were able to get our Mustang the insurance and plates she deserved on May 5th,2006 from Hagerty Insurance . The plate reads- " RIP MA. It's pretty ironic how I named the Mustang Up In The Clouds when Mom was still with us and then giving the plate name RIP-Ma. Funny how things just work out that way. I didn't count the words in this story, however, I'm happy to have written this for all to enjoy. I'm sure Mom is reading this also, so Mom, Thank You and your always in all of our Hearts, RIP Ma.

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