Virginia B 1956 Ford F-100

Our '56 through our 48 years together

The very first date my husband and I went on was in October of 1966. He was going to drive me home from the Venice High football game. As soon as he opened the door and I got in, I was saying how much I loved the truck and when I went to pull down the visor, it broke off. I was so embarrased. When we were dating and he and his Dad were replacing the engine and doing other motor type stuff, I said I would clean all the parts and paint the cowing, etc. That's how I learned all about vehicles. My future father in law told my husband (to be) that "he should keep this girl, you'll never find one that enjoys this truck the way that you do". Sure enough, we got married three years later. Our honeymoon was spendt in the truck with a camper on it The truck has been in our family since 1956. Last year we had all of his engine, radiator, and loads of other items replaced and upgraded. Last month we had his original bench seat reupholstered and repaired. All new flooring and firewall covering. He's had about 8 different paint jobs since 1956. And, no matter where we live, we have always kept "Johnnie" in the garage. He's weathered the ocean storms, the desert heat and now he gets to retire along with us in a beautiful central California beach town.

Johnnie never goes out in public, that someone doesn't comment on him. They usually lust after him and they always have a story of when they used to have a '56 and wish they still did !! He's never let us down. He's always been dependable and reliable. Sometimes we had to put quite a bit of effort into keeping him around, but it was always worth it in the end. And that's pretty much the same way we feel about our marriage of 45 years. Anything worth keeping around and keeping fresh is hard to come by nowadays.

This truck and our marriage has been through a lot, but it's our heritage and our legacy to hand down to our children and grandchildren.

Not too many people can say that they've been married for 45 years to the same high school sweetheart and the truck from thier first date is still sitting out in thier garage ready to go. Ready to keep making some great memories.

As far as we're concerned 1956 was a very good year!!!

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    Harold H Southern California July 17, 2014 at 02:20
    Great memories.....

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