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One of one original owner judge RAM AIR IV barn find

I had boaught my first car a 1970 gto for $400 when I was 15 years old back in 1980. My brothers friend wrapped it around a tree before I got a chance to drive it! Since then I have had many other types of muscle cars but always had a hankering for that Pontiac roar! I have had always been on the hunt for coll Pontiac at a reasonable price. I have owned many and still drive one today that I have owned for over 25 years. A 68 Firebird 400 and I just restored a 67 400 car. But- My story starts back in 2001 while looking for another Pontiac deal that was reasonably priced, I had run across an add that read--"1970 GTO judge orig owner $16,500.00. So I called on it to check it out it was in Iowa so I made the long distance call just to get an answering machine.

I thought nothing of it and almost forgot about the add . then 2 weeks later a man called me and stated he had a 70 gto judge so I started to aske the usual questions and he seemed to get very angry that I was making sure it was a judge. So I just said well let me come down from mpls to see it. It was the end of march and snow in the great white north had been bad that year. Leaving us northern car guys licking the frost off the windows and dreaming of the summer ahead! I set out for a small town in the middle of Iowa that weekend and it took me 3.5 hrs to get there. I got there around 10;30am and there in a small town beside a corn bin sat this mans house. And there he sat an older gentleman on the front stoop drinking the third out of 12 beers from the 12 pack .I didnt want to be pushy about the car so I sat down with him and asked for a beer! We chatted about the drive and that the hwy had been closed the weekend before because of a snow storm. But this Saturday was the first day of spring and the sun was very bright with no more trace of snow on the ground. After I finished my beer I stated "well I guess I should take a look at the car!". he stood up and said "OK"then walked over to a one car garage that was tilting and needed paint. he opened up the garage and there sat the car under a cover. As I helped pull the cover off the car I notice bias ply tires and orig Granada gold paint and yellow /pink decals! I ran my hand under the rear quarter and found NO rust !! As I shimmied past the door I saw a 4 spd and bench seat! I poked my head inside and to my utter amazement the dash read 42,00 miles !! MY heart started to race and my excitement was tormenting me triyng to hold it back was a chore!! I said to him wow you orderd the bench seat!! He stated"Ya the two buckets are way to heavy!! I wanted to beat this guy in town with a 440 six pack mopar!! I walked forward to pop open the hood...then it happend...I read RAM AIR IV ON THE SCOOPS!!!.wITH MY MOUTH OPEN AND MY HANDS SHAKING LIKE A LEAF i OPENED THE HOOD AND THERE SAT THE ORIG RAM AIR iv MOTOR WITH ORIG PLUG WIRES AND THE FACTORY RAM air PANS! i UDDER D SOMETHING BUT MY BREATHING WAS TOO FAST AND THE WORDS JUST STUMBLED OUT!! After I checked out the motor I noticed it had an s/r block. he stated he had blown the first motor up 3 weeks after he picked it up RACING A FORD, I want this car my first car was a 1970 gto and this one is the one I want!! I said what to you need to get for this car,I was willing to pay higher than his asking price! He stated to me well-- I am asking 16,500 but will you give me $14,500 I almost passed out!! there sat my dream car that I took the time to drive 3.5 hrs and I didnt realize that it was the original GTO judge ram air IV !!!!I told him I will take it!! Then he stated to me --"well there was a guy from New York that called last week and he wanted to fly out but I told him that it snowed and I dont care if you rent a tank they closed the hwy--- you cant come !!!! so I will call him back and give him first dibs on the car if he answers the phone!!! My frenzy of excitement faded as he turned and walked tward another beer.

one week later the phone range and a voice on the line said -"Well come pick up your car!!" I ran around the house and ran out to the bank and drove down to Iowa that next day!!When I reached his house he had cleaned the car and was sitting listing to the 8 track with a beer in his hand and a tear in his eye!! I had purchased an orig owner 42000 mile all orig bias ply tire 1970 GTO judge ram air IV special ordered with an 8 track bench seat 4 spd !! I drove it to the pontiac NATS that year and parked it next to the other judges.. The car was so orig that they used my car to judge the other off to see if they had been restored correctly! I sold that car later that year becouse it was more of a museum pieces and I love to drive em!! I made around 12,000 from the car -- but that was right before the market took off, I found out later it was the only ram air IV bench seat judge ever made and it was all factory original!! When the market took off I lost alot of sleep but not too many poeple can say that they had driven a one of one dream car...... thats priceless!! I still enjoy pontiacs today and have owned many rare lemanses and firebirds but that one was an amazing surprise find!!

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