Kenneth G 1955 Chevrolet 150 2dr Sedan

One careless and bold day in our 1955 Chevy 2 door sedan

Roll the clock back to 1976 when I graduated High School. My first car was a 1955 Blue Chevrolet 2 door sedan. This was dads back and forth to work car. I begged him for it when I got my license. He bought a 72 Greenbriar wagon and reluctantly gave me his 55. But before he gave it to me, we took an exciting ride together. This car had a 327, dual exhaust with headers. A 3 speed overdrive, and 373 posi-traction rear. I think he wanted to scare me and show me the power it had. We took a fast drive one late night. He drove it to 100 MPH in 2nd gear overdrive,before shifting into third with the column shifter. The motor screamed, the car shook and we had no seat belts. We drove home safe and I had a new respect for that car. The next day the car wouldn't start and we determined that he had broken all the piston rings. He then rebuilt an original 55 265 cu in, put it in and took off the headers. The car was slower but I still had fun owning it. The floor rust got bad and I had to let her go. I really miss that first great classic car. Most of all I miss my father ( Wild Willy). He is the reason that I love old Chevrolet's. Every car show I attend or Drag race I watch, I remember him and all of his hard work. He passed away in 1979, but I remember those days past like it was yesterday.

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