Ned N 1969 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

My love affair with Ford Mustang Convertibles

I have a love affair with Ford Mustang Convertibles. The story ends with me today owning the car of my dreams, pictured here, and yes its a Cougar XR7, the better looking and performing sister of the Mustang.

My Dad owned great cars in the early 60s. A 2 seater MG-a black with red interior, and then he owned the fastest car of its time, the Mercedes 190sl, 2-seater black with red interior. I use to sit in those cars in the garage as a little boy for hours. Dream cars and I had dreams.

The Mustang has taken me many places. I know all of these cars flaws. The lousy, noisy, bouncy suspension. The blow-by problem when the head goes bad. The awesomeness of the space working the 289 v8, and the ever sagging leaf springs. Then while I was a day camp, I was 7 sitting in 1966 in the back seat of my counselor's Mustang convertible, listening to "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones, driving down Sunrise Hwy on Long Island. I remember it like is was yesterday. I knew this was the car I wanted to drive.

When I was 17 in 1977 my Dad bought me my first car. A light blue, black interior 1969, 289 Mustang convertible. I loved that car. My friends loved that car. I loved kissing my girlfriend in that car. I took it up to college with me, Rochester NY to attend RIT. I remember dropping 2 50lbs bags of sand in the trunk to keep the back end from bouncing around aka rabbit hopping. It ended up rotting out, but it made it time and time again, Long Island to Rochester that 8 hour trip, the LIE, the CIP, over the Throngs Neck, to the Cross County, to the Thruway to Harriman to the Quick way 17, all the way to Rochester.

Ten years ago, when I'm 45, I missed my Stang. I looked at many old Mustang cars to buy. I did not want to deal with rust, after I saw mine rot away and did not want to pay $50K for a Stang, so I opted for this Cougar pictured here, the Mustang's more elegant 5" longer sister. I found her in Northern CA, not an ounce of rust, second owner with 90K miles on her. I rebuilt the entire suspension with great thicker improvements that make the car stiffer and better handling than the car ever felt. She's the classic Blue Teal color and the famous 351Windsor, doesn't burn any oil and she's mine. My past is still in my future, in my garage.

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    pj DFW TX July 16, 2014 at 16:46
    I too love the Mustang and Cougar - had a few mustangs over the years including a Mach 1, but had only 1 1967 Cougar XR7. I think I liked the Cougar best, if only for its classic look (especially the interior and its toggle switches!), and not so many of them left today. Only comment is you are mistaken on your '69 Mustang with 289 - by 1969 the 289 had gone away to make room for the 302 (no 289's in 1969). Safe and enjoyable driving to you. PJ
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    Ned N Long Island NY July 17, 2014 at 10:48
    Thank you for the correction. My first Stang was a '67, because it did not have the rear side end reflectors. Those where mandated in 1968 by the Federal Hwy Safety Admin to be on all cars.

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