DENNIS B 1986 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

My first really "Hot" Car.

I graduated high school in 1966 and was only 17 years old. Being only 17 the summer of '66 things were a bit challenged for me due to the fact, I was stuck working in a service station in Imperial, Missouri and not making a lot of $$$$$. I couldn't get a regular job due to the fact I would not reach 18 for 4 more months.

I was driving a 1957 Ford base 4 door with 292 and a three speed on the column. The buddies and I would get together every few days and do a bit of street racing. My friends had some pretty nice and "hot" cars because, they were working and could get a new car and finance the car. My desire was to buy a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 with a 4 speed.

The father, he was a FORD guy all the way. He agreed to co sign for a Ford, any Ford but not, a GM car of any kind.

We went to a local Ford dealer and put some money down on a Mustang 289 CI, 4 speed with very few options. We were to take delivery in 60 days or so. Meanwhile, they tried to "bust" us for another $200 down on the car and my Pop went ballistic. We went to the dealer and since I'd plopped down $600 cash, we walked out the door with it back in my hands. I was a broken young guy.

In the mean time, the place where I worked did a lot of business with another Ford dealer and, one of the sales guys came in to fuel up. He indicated he was taking a trade of a '66 G T O red, 4 speed with 6K miles on it. I worked on that very car with oil changes etc. and the man couldn't make the payments.....The price? $2200.00.

Brought this up to my father and even though it was a "hated" GM vehicle, it wasn't a Chevrolet. My down payment on the car would reduce my monthly payment to $65 a month.

My father was very happy with that, I was in hog heaven.

We went to the dealer and bought the car through the sales guy who had told me about it.

My favorite song from then on? Little G T O by Ronnie and the Daytona's.

Dennis Bivens

Albuquerque, NM

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