DENNIS B 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

My first Corvette

My wife and I in 1971 started looking for a car for me to use as a daily driver but, I had to have something pretty quick and nice to look at.

We started on a Saturday morning and looked at probably 9 Camaro Z 28's. All of them were either way to expensive or they were way too expensive for me to buy.

That evening we were chatting and the wife asked a wonderful question. "How much would a Corvette cost if we were to purchase one instead, of the Camaro?"

My answer was probably at that time we could be a '66 or '67 for $2k or $3k.

Then we started looking like crazy for the car for me to "drive" back and fourth to work.

We found one which was a "stripper". It was on a police impound lot in St. Louis and the insurance company wanted $500 for it. The catch? The car had no motor, transmission, tops, wheels or tires.

I could not wait to get the title. Had the car brought to my house and set flat down on the driveway in front of the house. I had my Corvette which I had always craved.

We set about finding the motor and in those days you could purchase a 327 CI for a $1 a horsepower and, I bought one from a '64 Impala and rebuilt it. Found a Muncie 4 speed with the Chevrolet T bar and then installed them in the Corvette. My wife found the tops for me at a garage sale where the guy had totaled his Corvette and when he did, he had the tops in his garage. The wheels I found at a flea market and then, with new tires, the car would finally roll. The car was originally Sunflower Yellow and I did not care for the faded look. My best friend and I painted the door jams and every part you could open or see 1969 Corvette Daytona yellow and, it sparkled.

The off shoot of the deal......Sold the car in '74 when I purchased a new '74 Corvette.

My wife and I talked about it for several years and I found out that she really didn't like Corvettes. She just wanted me to have something I wanted and could afford. Never a peep or any type of controversy over my Corvettes.

I'd say that is a perfect example of "true love", if ever it would demonstrated.

Dennis Bivens


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