Jim B

My Three Sons

Several years ago our family returned to Michigan after being away for over 12 years. During that time a 1946 Ford Coupe that my brother and I purchased when we were teenagers sat in a pole building on our family farm. Our oldest son who was 15 took an immediate interest in the old coupe. Even though it had not been started in well over 15 years it started right up. Over the next 3 years we worked on the car together and by his senior year of high school, the Powder Blue 46 Coupe was done.

By then our second son was also 15 and had become a huge Mopar fan. We searched high and low until we finally found a 1967 Belvedere II that we bought for $250.00. Again we worked on the car for the next 3 years and by his senior year the Turbine Bronze Belvedere II hit the road.

Son number three was now 14 years old and already anticipating a similar opportunity. He took an interest in AMC Javelins and you can guess the rest of the story. In his senior year he was able to show off a unique Tahitian Turquoise Javelin.

I am lucky that I was able to repeat my best classic car memory three times when I shared the very first ride in those cars with my three sons.

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