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Me and the B

August 1970 I bought my first car for $1150, a 5-year-old MGB. It was a 1965 Olde English white Tourer with matching factory hardtop, red leather with white piping interior and red wool carpet. Other factory options were chrome wires, ashtray, heater, front sway bar and gray pack-away top with a red tonneau.

It is with this car that I drove across Mulholland Drive, atop the Santa Monica Mountains, nightly for the next 4 years. Good torque and stable handling made me and the B famous among the "regulars" who frequented Mulholland Drive in those days (before cell phones and police Helicopters). The B really had only one purpose for me and that was to drive the hill. I drove that thing everywhere without ever touching Ventura Blvd. or Sunset. Even that long ago the original paint was so good that I made a promise to myself that I'd never crash it. That promise and the car made me a better driver. So much so that when I did go racing with the Sports Car Club of America and the International Motor Sports Association, the adage "To Finish First You Must First Finish" was firmly ingrained in my mind and I actually drove my race cars to the race track and back including Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen. Two SCCA National Championships and ten years of competition racing and I've still yet to crash a car.

One night back in the early '70's I'm coming up Coldwater in the MGB from the Valley side and I see these headlights behind me. I believed them to be a Mini and figured I should be able to get away from him having already chased a Mini Cooper S before. So we go wailing up Coldwater, full tilt racing line between the two Coldwater's, blast up the "Pole Turns" and arrive at the pits in full view of everyone and going as fast as I could. Right about then, the Mini pulls out and passes me like I was standing still. But that was no Mini. It was a white Lotus Elan with some Cosworth BDA motor in it (something like that). CRAP, I think to myself and backed out of the gas. Oh well, what the hell, and with that I get back into the gas. Raced him all the way to the residential area and turned around and came back up behind him. There was no way I could catch that guy but he didn't disappear from me either.

When I pulled into the pit, I was greeted as a hero. They figured that it was cool that I even tried to race a Lotus with a "B". I didn't tell them that I didn't know it was a Lotus and they didn't tell me that B's weren't considered very fast. Now days, driving the same car, I think to myself; "I was doing 90 through here?" No way today.

Sorry I don't have any "Lucas Jokes" to tell, as I've never had any problems with the car. Still has a generator, regulator, two 6-volt batteries and positive ground. Well, I have had 3 speedometers. I guess the mileage to be about 134,000 in total.

Me and the B

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    dave w Central Cal July 16, 2014 at 21:04
    134,000 and no issues plus no crashes - good story
  • 2
    Harold H Southern California July 16, 2014 at 21:10
    I have seen Victor’s B, it is gorgeous and it is obvious that he has taken very good care of it.
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    Jeff H Southern CA July 16, 2014 at 21:58
    Victor needs gas money now after spending a long time and significant monies restoring this car. I've seen this B in person and its really a nice restoration especially when loose on Mulholland. Victor I have a crushed Kleenex box for you. Its the Mulholland equivalent of fuzzy dice.
  • 4
    Lance Miami July 17, 2014 at 10:37
    I know this car and its owner well, they are both the definition of this hobby we love. A true car guy and a fantastic MGB

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