John R 1953 MG TD 2dr Roadster

MSU and the sport car

I was days from my 19th birthday when a fellow member of the Antique Automobile Club of America asked me if I wanted to purchase his 1953 MG. After some thought, I sold my 1922 Model TT truck and purchased the car for $900.

The car and I spent three years at Michigan State University. I could load everything I owned then, including a guitar and case, and drive to school, three and one-half hours south.

We had fun during those years. From September to late November, and again in the spring, I had the car to driver around East Lansing and to work

The car features a folding windscreen,which came in handy. Working three part-times jobs, I was always running to classes, pushing the clock to arrive in time.

I discovered I could lower the windscreen, drive under the guard gate in the faculty parking lot, put the screen back up, and attend my classes on time. I could have been thrown out of school if caught. I never was.

I still have the MG, 46 years later. My MSU degree is framed on my office wall, and I smile when remembering my time with the car and all of the memories over the years.

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    Claire Michigan July 16, 2014 at 11:48
    Great story, John. Go Green!

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