Debra S

Life Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

It’s Sunday morning and the road calls out to me. With no particular place in mind I get in my car, crank up the radio and as it plays a familiar tune, I drive and drive and drive… losing all sense of time. The wind blowing through my hair, the sun glistening through the trees and the clouds seem so close to me that I can almost touch them! It is hard to keep my mind on anything at all! I find a quaint spot in an unfamiliar town to have lunch so I can take in my surroundings. I stroll along main street wandering into an antique shop. A sudden calm comes over me. Yes! I am excited about this adventure.

I slide back into the driver’s seat, top down, sunglasses on, visor placed just in the right position so that I can feel the breeze as I head back home. As quickly as I rolled into town I roll out again and back onto the open road. And as I head back home after a relaxing day in my Z I think to myself: Life just doesn’t get any better than this… just me and my Z, alone on the open road. And just as I turn the key in the ignition to settle my car down from a beautiful day on the open road, I realize this is a day I will not soon forget! And I look forward to another day and another memory!

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