Stephanie G 1971 Buick GS 2dr Convertible

It's the little old lady from..........

I was recently called the little old lady from (XXXXXX) Washington in reference to driving my muscle car around the local area and although I don't think of myself as old, the song surely rang true. At 20 and working at a Buick dealership I was in need of a reliable vehicle immediately....and one sitting on the lot caught my eye. I was not necessarily in the market for a convertible, but it was the right price and I looked good in it! SOLD! Little did I know then that 43 years later I would still be driving that convertible. It's been through numerous kids, car seats, tricycle handlebar scratches on the sides (in the garage) , a nasty entanglement with a directional sign in the later 70's, (not me!) soccer cleats, baseball bats and as those children grew thought I should give it to them when I reached 50-ish. I drove it as my only car until the mid 80's. Upon retiring it from daily duty it became the "sunny day summer driver". Several times I couldn't afford the insurance to drive it during the summer so it sat in the garage, covered and patiently awaiting it's future. For years I often thought I should get rid it of the all the "stuff" that went with it....paperwork, window sticker, appraisals etc. After all....who would ever want that stuff with my name on it? Well, now I'm glad I didn't. I saved everything from the window sticker (at this point barely legible) to the GMAC contract to the old convertible top boot and the car still bares the original plates. Boxes & boxes of stuff. Eventually it moved up in priority on the financial end of things and for some time now, each year it awaits it's exit from the garage around mid June for what has become a trip down memory lane every time I get in it. The memories are full of vacations, kids growing up in the back seat and now, most of all, the feeling of relief every time I get in it, that I'm really glad I didn't ditch it when times were tough. And those kids? Now in their late 30's and early 40's they somehow still today think I'm going to give it them when I get older.........well kids.....I'm well past 50 and it's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

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