Eric W 1926 Cadillac Series 314 Custom 4dr Phaeton, 4-p.

Granda-pa's Rum-Run'in Caddy

I imagine that most enthusiasts will think it odd that a 'gear-head' like myself's most cherished memory is of a classic car that he never drove. While I never actually drove my favorite classic car on the road, I spent many hours of imaginary road miles while working the peddles and the car's three speed gear shift. Back in the 50's & 60's many kids had a tree or play house, but we had 1926 Cadillac Phaeton! I have owned many performance and vintage cars over the years but my Great-grandfathers's Cadillac is still the most important.

Soon after my Grandgrand-father died the car was parked in the family garage, for very long term storage. The year was 1936 and the car did not see the light of day until 1979, when it on to it's next caretaker .

While not actually driving the Cadillac on the road my cousins and I enjoyed many long imaginary "road-trips", that only a child's imagination could foster!

This old Caddy had a interesting history. A eighty-five year family history did not come to light until a few years ago. Long before the imaginary road-trips it spent many very long and sometimes treacherous nights running liqueur between Montreal and New Jersey. Great-Grandfather had a large extended family to take care of during the twenty's and thirty's !

Unfortunately my family has lost track of the Cadillac. If any one knows were she is we will be greatly appreciative ; 1926 V-8 model 314 Phaeton four door Convertible, serial #


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