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Good ol' Dad!

It was 1973 and I needed a car. I mentioned it to my dad somewhere along the way and proceeded to keep an eye out, check out the classifieds, word of mouth, etc. Looked at a lot, drove a few. I wasn't sure what I wanted but knew I'd know when I saw it.

A week or so later, I received a call from my dad. He said that he was at his friend's sporting goods store visiting and mentioned to him in the course of conversation that I needed a car. His friend asked what I was looking for and that his daughter had an old Mercedes for sale. I was curious so I boogied on in there to check it out. They were still sitting around chewing the fat when I got there. He said, "it's in the alley on the side, not sure what you're looking for but have a look and let me know if you're interested and I'll give her a call. I think she wants $2000 or thereabouts."

I envisioned a round body sedan or maybe later but was open-minded and thought that might be cool. I walked out of the store and over to the alley. The photo I included (except at that point, it had the black rag top on, and by the way, the convertible top frame is a work of art) is basically what I saw. I did an about-face and went back in and said, "I might be interested, please give her a call." as I was about to tear my wallet out of my back pocket.

Well, she came over and said that it was shared with her sister and they decided that they wanted $2100 for it and that they were the second owner. Without much negotiation, no negotiation actually, I shook her hand and the deal was struck.

I've had it now for 41 years. It was my driver for 4 years and I put it on blocks in storage because the carburetors were sucking air and it wouldn't idle down quite right, so smart me, in retrospect, I decided to put it away until I could focus on it. Shortly after parking it (smart me again), I bought the parts that I knew I'd need, figuring I'd get to it sooner if I had all the parts and knew that they wouldn't be getting any cheaper. I bought a set of Webers that were pre-set up for that model, new brake cylinders, shoes, turned the drums, etc. The cherry sat in my insulated garage for 34 years until I divorced and had to move it. (put me in the running for procrastinator of the century) In a few days, I put it together, started it up and drove it to my new garage. I was surprised how little I had to do immediately and have been tinkering on it doing the expected, but hey, it's a joy to work on and everything I do to it makes it more of a cherry.

It's all original, I kept the Solex carbs of course, and plan to re-bush and replace the Webers at some point. They're a great replacement, lots of git but not near as economical as the stock Solex carbs. All the serial numbers match and while it was in storage, I bought the hard top, sight unseen, plopped it on and the reds matched! Go figure. Love this car and every time I look at it, I think of my DAD! He's been gone for eighteen years now but I wish I could give him another ride in Mercy B. Rest in peace Dad, and thanks.

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