Guy O 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Convertible

Friends and Family at Fun Ford Weekend

My son had just finished working on his 02 Ford Mustang and was going to show it at the Fun Ford Weekend in Baytown, near Houston. I decided I would drive my 66 Mustang Convertible down there to support him at the show. While I'd done a little to spruce up the appearance of my car it was still basically stock. My son, on the other hand had made significant unique modifications. He had been told that the big 4-Cam 5.4 Lincoln Navigator motor wouldn't fit inside the narrow Mustang engine compartment; however, he got it done including forged internals and a V2/SQ Vortech Supercharger and NOS, along with a Viper-spec T-56 six speed tranny and brake & suspension upgrades to keep it safe. On the way down to Houston Raceway Park I ran through a storm and my 66 was filthy so I ran it though a do-it-yourself car wash just to knock off some of the mud and muck. I arrived in time to park my 66 next to my son's "Super-stang" as we called it.

When the car-show judges came over I expected they'd recognize the mods done to my son's 02 but I guess it looked like all that was done was to put a supercharger on a regular Cobra engine (they didn't make a Cobra in 02, but that must have escaped the judges). I knew if I was going to get back home I would have to leave before the awards were announced but I'd stayed through the judging so I hugged my son and said goodbye to my other friends at the show and headed back to Abilene, about eight hours away. I hadn't even gotten to half-way to Fort Worth when my son called and said my 66 had won the "Best Mustang" plaque. I was amazed because I had not done nearly the amount of work on my 66 and it still had some mud in spots from running through the storm, but needless to say I was thrilled, but saddened that my son's 02 wasn't recognized for how unique it really was.

Now, my son is the father of a beautiful six year old young lady and has retired his Super-stang in the garage. It will likely never be on the road again as he takes his responsibility as a father seriously, but it is still fun to look at. As for my 66 Mustang, it also spends most of the time in its garage, but we have a small car club that meets each week and I will occasionally pull the 66 out to drive to whichever spot they eat at. I might take it up to the Vernon, Texas Cruise Night as I'd had my wife's 64 Studebaker Wagonaire there a few years ago.

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