Warren D 1970 Ford Torino GT 2dr SportsRoof

First car show making memories

Taking my newly restored Calypso coral 429 4 SPD 70 Torino GT to first car show. Day was cloudy, show 60 mile one way, never driven this far in this car yet. 20 miles out of town the speedometer quit working. Figured to gauge by traffic flow. 15 more miles and it started to rain and rain hard. This was OK until the drivers side wiper malfunction and one of the arms came loose, couldn't see the road for the rain. Pulled into a gas station. Found the arm had lost its clip to keep it straight, so I enlisted some DUCT tape on the other arm to keep it aligned. That worked. Show was OK, rain allllll day there and all the way home some times hard enough to even have to pull over. This is Amish country and even they were out in this on the road in their buggies. Made it home , no harm no foul. Upon cleaning the inside of the car I found both front floorboards soaked, !Darn! I said. Since then I have repaired the speedo, wiper arm and the cowls that leaked . Car runs fine 10 mpg , Been further since and no problems. Thanks, Warren Douglas

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