Greg E

Fastest Car in Pittsburgh...........not the cheapest to run!

This convertible had a 406 motor with 405 HP and was one, if not the fastest car in Pittsburgh. It was a monster with a four speed on the floor. A terrific looking black convertible with red and white interior. Gorgeous.

The good news is I worked for AMACO and got gas at a major discount. It got 6 miles per gallon on a good day.

I sold it to another kid and he and his mother drove 45 minutes across town to pick it up. About an hour after the sale, I got a call from the kids mom (keep in mind, I was only about 17 years old myself) and she was in total shock. She yelled at me for knowingly selling this car to her son when I knew it used gas like water. She said it took a full tank just to get home.

I told her that her son knew the score and also knew it was about the fastest car in Pittsburgh and would blow the doors off anything around, at least I never lost a race. I told her to go and ask her son about the speed of that car and see if he smiles.......well, she hung up and I never heard from them again.......YOU should have been there....

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