Sue W 51 chevrolet pickup

Dad's 51 Chevy

Dad's dream was always to restore an old Chevy pickup of his own. You see dad spent many hours working on everyone else's cars and rarely had time to work on his. At the age of 76 dad started restoring his baby, a 51 Chevy pickup. It took several years to complete. Finding parts here and there, dad was determined.

Dad lived north of Orlando, Florida in the small town of Tavares during his retirement years. HIs dream was always to finish his truck and drive it back to Rockford, Michigan. A long haul for both old farts!

Everyday dad walked out of the house in to his paradise... Charlie's Garage! This is where life took place for dad. He loved every moment he spent putting new life back in to the old classics he worked on. He even had an article on one of his "works of art" make it to the Rodder's Digest magazine a few years back. A two page spread on a 47 or 48 Mercury.

Dad was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 78. He wouldn't give in or give up. Dad was a Sargent First Class in the Korean War. He dug in and gave it his all.

On January 15th my dad lost his battle and never made the trip in the 51 Chevy to Michigan. Now, dad knew how much I loved that old truck, so he left it to me to share with the family. On that warm Sunday afternoon I said goodbye to my dad. My husband and I jumped in Dad's 51 and drove from Tavares Florida all the way to the blistery cold winters of Michigan.

Now...don't think dad wasn't along for the ride. We felt his presents the entire trip. Every stop we made people stopped to ask questions and show their admiration for Dad's 51. We made it to Rockford in two days with out one problem or one flake of snow. As we tucked the 51 Chevy in warm storage and drove on home it started to snow. Yup, dad watched over us and made his dream trip while he sat amongst body shop greats from above.

I know you love me dad and "I love you more"!! Something I always used to say at the end of each of our conversations. Charlie's daughter, Sue Wilson

In loving memory of my dad Charlie Grover. May 15, 1931 to January 15, 2012.

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