Eric H 1968 Datsun Roadster


My dear wife Cindy loves presents. It doesn’t matter if it’s something from the dollar store or a thrift store, if it’s wrapped and a present for her, it’s exciting! She just can’t wait to get her hands on it and open it. With Cindy there is more excitement then a house full of 6 year olds on Dec. 25th.

Anyway it was a Thursday in the summer of 2007. Soon would be our 17th wedding anniversary and I was taking Friday off work to take Cindy to the coast for the weekend for an early celebration.

We had gone out for a few hours that evening and had returned and were now getting ready to retire for the night, excited about the next day and the weekend at the coast. As usual Cindy was just itching to have a present to open to start the celebrating and fun. She had been hinting throughout the evening that opening one of her presents would be so much fun, and as the even was coming to an end the hinting went from subtle, to not so subtle, to CAN I HAVE A PRESENT NOW!?!

I fiend exhaustion, and breaking down said "oh all right if you must, it’s in the garage". Cindy’s reply was “OK go get it” thinking I hid her gifts away in the garage.

Again, playing the tired bit to the full, I tell her "it’s in plain sight; if you want it you can go get it yourself". Looking hurt and a bit irritated that she wasn’t getting the full princess treatment of having her gift delivered to her, she heads off in the direction of the garage.

I follow at a safe distance, not to be noticed and watch as she opens the door and stands there in shock for what seemed to be an eternity, but was really only a few seconds. Then she lets out a scream and spins around with the one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen to look at me and then back to the garage. Again back to me and then the garage as if she is testing her eyes thinking that she had made a mistake and when she looks back it won’t be there.

While we were out that evening I had my parents sneak a 1968 Datsun Roadster, that I had purchase on eBay and had shipped to where I work, into the garage. There it sat, top down and a giant bow and ribbon wrapped around it.

That night I don’t think slept at all. I had found her on more than one occasion, in her pajamas sitting in her little roadster, saying to herself, "I can’t believe it, it so cute".

I have surprised her before, but this time was really good. And all these years later she is still excited every time she gets in it to take it for a drive.

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