joseph a 1947 Chrysler Windsor 4dr Sedan

An old Crow bobbing in the surf.

In 1965-66 I was in the navy stationed aboard the uss saratoga cva60 in Mayort Fl. One evening on weekend liberty, two buddies and myself were walking down the road and came up to a fruit stand that had a 47 chrysler windsor sedan for sale for 75$. Since we were getting tired of walking, we purchased it for 60 $ and started driving it on our time off .The first and only thing we did to the car was place an Old Crow sticker on the front door. One evening we decided to drive down to St. Augustine and have a few beers. Upon arrival the lights started dimming as it was not charging and it finally conked out. In no time the St Augustin PD came on the scene and being we had no tools, AAA etc. they lined up there crusier and pushed started us and the old windsor finally started running. We thanked the police for pushing us out of town and headed back to the ship. The next weekend we were driving on Jacksonville beach and we got too close to the surf and it stalled out again but this time no fault of the car. We bailed out as the tide was starting to come in and almost immediatley a crowd of people were lined up on the boardwalk watching the windsor bobbing in the surf.

someone apparently called a wrecker and they were able to put a hook on it. We made a deal with the wrecker driver and sold it in the surf for $20. Of course back then we had no insurance and we never even bothered regeristing the car and just drove with plates on it. Can't remember if they were current or not. So thats the saga of a 47 Chrysler Windsor. we were in our late teens at the time. Life has changed a great deal since then.

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    joe Prescott, AZ July 16, 2014 at 19:53
    wish I still had the windsor

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