Darrin H

A story of two cars.....

During the eighty's I had been looking for a Porsche 912 for months, I found one a friend had and bought it and restored it. It was a lot of work to get it right but well worth it in the results. Then I had a job offer I could not refuse which meant major traveling (Capt. of a large Motoryacht ). Another Capt. offered me a fair price and let my '67 Sandbeige go, it hurt to let it go!

Fast forward to 2003 I had to have another 912, so the search began.

After, I don't know how many cars, my wife and I drove out to La Marada, Ca. and as we pulled up to the house the car, a '69 Bahama Yellow, was in the driveway, I was sold at that point, but the owner didn't know that. After some minor haggling. We came to an agreement. As we got the car ready to go the seller asked if I wanted a few boxes of parts and paperwork, I said sure.

Once I got the home I took a few days to go through the car to inventory what it needed, I took a break. Noticing the boxes, I thought, let's take a look. I started taking the parts out and saw the big Manila envolpes, opened one up and looking through the stuff it looked very familiar, then noticed my name on the receipts! Ok, this is weird........I then realized it was all my parts and paperwork from the '67 I had sold back in 1991!

Well, that's it, I was meant to have this car and still do.

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