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long trip no money

Back in the 60s my cousin and I headed from Texas out to California to find work we had to keep a peice of cardboard in front of the radiator to push the water up to keep the heater hot . We had to head back to our home in Oklahoma on hi way 66 we were pretty broke I would drive along slowly and my cousin would run along rt 66 a while and pickup pop bottles to sell so we could get a little bologna and bread and a little gas we had a blow out in Arizona no spare but did have an old inter tube I walked up through the little town and a guy gave me an old tire with a cut in it I had the tube patched and cut up a peice of rubber floor mat out of the ford to make a boot for the tire and off we went east down 66 them the generator went out and finally used up the battery and ruined it we broke down just east of Santa Rosa New Mexico a guy let us sleep in the car by his station for about 4 days it was cold and spitting snow no money no hope that's where I came to believe in the saying it's always darkest before the light . My grandmother sent us 10.00 by western union the gas station guy gave me a ride back into town about dark and I picked up the western union money at their office at the train station started walking back out in the cold toward the car I saw a garage where a guy was working on an old chevy I stopped and got a battery from him for 6.00 he gave me a ride back out to the car and helped me put it in I figured we could make Oklahoma just running on the battery if we did not run anything else . Next morning I backed her up to the gas pumps and the good old boy that owned the station where we had been staying told me to go across the road because that gas over there was 2 cents cheaper I wanted to buy from him because he had been so nice but he said we were going to need every penny we had to make it home . So we did and headed out made it to Oklahoma City ( picking up a few more pop bottles to sell along the way ]. I ran that old tire with the floor mat boot for a long time on that old car and have never forgot that guy who was so nice to help us out I now have a 55 chevy and if the tires get a little worn on it or any other car I have I get them replaced times have changed but that's just one of many stories I have of old cars .I think my cousin still won't eat bologna to this day and he is now about 65 years old . I still love those old cars and love pulling them out of some field or building where they have been for years and working on them thanks for letting everyone share their stories Robert S .

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