Burl R 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2dr Convertible

Topless Drive-in

This took place when I was a young man of maybe 12 years old. Most of our family time in the summers spent camping,swimming,or playing in the woods with the neighborhood friends. We had a local Drive-in theater near our house ,but had never been to it actually. We had always heard as children that they did not show movies that children would like . So one of the families we hung around with (not far away ) got a convertible that was like a new car to them, the father and 2 of his children came over to pick some of us kids up and take us for rides with the top down . We were so excited !! we had never been in a convertible before!!! (back then you did not have to have your seat belts on ) Well all 4 of us piled into this guys convertible and he speed off with us having the wind in our hair :) we had such a ball !!! seemed like a huge car to us 7 people inside a 2 door car, and the 6 of us in out family had to travel by station wagon . Well the girls wanted to stay up front to keep their hair from blowing in the tangle zone or sum dumb reason ,they were girls yuck!! well when we finally returned home I was so in love with that car ! I asked him all about it , I guess you could say I badgered him about it hehehe I was a kid ,and I was impressed !! It was a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2dr Convertible 8-cyl. 307cid/200hp 2bbl L14, I asked him if he would keep it till I could buy it off of him some day ?? He told me he would try ! I do not think he really did ,and looking back on it now I realize he probably couldn't have . But anyways ,as the day started to wind down he asked if anyone was wanting to go to the drive in movie theater to see what was playing ? The girls said no way ,but us boys wanted to go real bad !!! My mother and father were kinda talking it over and kinda making us boys have to act a bit like a grown up saying that we really would not like the shows there at our age . But us boys agreed that we would suck it up and stay for the entire movie no matter what ! I remember that uncle Don( just what we called him) filled a cooler with ice ,mom made sandwiches ,and put them into the cooler along with some pop! And beers for uncle Don, black label I believe . We went to the movie ,and had the top down just the 4 guys out on the town like grown ups Don,his one son,my brother, and I ! Mom told us this was a grown up movie place with no popcorn ,candy ,or pop ! She said it didn't even have a bathroom so we had better go before we left ! We did as she requested . I remember they had a kiddie play ground down front under the movie screen and it was still a little daylight so my brother and his son went to play with the other kids till the movie started. I stayed behind to admire this car ! The movie played and I thought it was hilarious myself and felt so giddy !! This car, this movie ,and just being out with the guys !! It all clicked for me !! The movie was Young Dr. Frankenstein !! The 2 things I will never forget are the Car and some of the funny stuff in that movie. I did eventually decide I liked a different type chevelle and was 18 when I finally did get a 1969 Chevelle ElCamino SS because my father ended up getting a brand new one in 1977 and it was so fast and powerful ! My dad special ordered it and it was to have a 4 bbl ,and did not so he returned it after racing it around town for a few days ! I when I realized that the 2 cars I loved the most were the same, (almost) I was really excited to find one . All of this based on a kids trip to a memorable topless movie at the impressionable age of 12.

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    Bud Akron,Ohio July 15, 2014 at 10:19
    Only real story I had about a car I wanted as a child before coming of driving age

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