Colleen T 1950 Glasstron

The only Girl

My Granddaddy

It was a great day for me I was going fishing with my Dad and Grandpa my Dad took me everywhere with him I was his only child so fishing hunting what ever I was going but when my Grandpa ask me to go fishing with him I knew that day was going to be a special day cause he never took any of us kids in the boat he had it was a red and white 1950 Glastron I don't remember much about the fishing that day but the most exciting part was he ask me too drive the boat for them that day I was about 9 years old and he told me I better not tell the other kids that I got to go or that I got to drive the boat cause he would never hear the end of it my Dad said it was because I was the only girl in the family and that made me special I never told any one about that day we had a great time just the three of us my Dad and Grandpa have both passed but that will be with me forever.

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