Richard B 1988 Ferrari Testarossa 2dr Coupe

The one that didn't get away

What car buff has never dreamed of owning the ultimate classic car during his childhood. mine was the Ferrari Testarossa and it was only a long lost forgotten dream when many years later I attended a local auto auction. the reason for attending was to help a friend locate and bid on a vintage 1932 Ford. During the auction I noticed that the vast majority of the bidders were there to buy hot rods and muscle cars and that the high end Bentley's and Rolls Royce types were going for a song. Never expecting to ever own one , What the hell why not throw out a low bid on the 1988 Testarossa when it came on the block. to my utter amazement when the gavel came down the car became mine and the impossible dream had taken place. The moral to this story is if your are a true car collector dream big.

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