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Ronda's Dream

Last year was my 50th Birthday.......In the two year's leading up to this momentous occasion my husband had been chronically sick. During his sickness I became less of a wife and more of a caretaker for him making sure he lived and followed all the orders of the doctor.... At some time during this, he came up with the idea to purchase me my dream car.....1957 Chevrolet Be-lair......

Last year, my husband indicated to me that a few friends would get together at the Resorts Casino in New York for Dinner and Gambling.....Also at this site on Tuesdays from May to November is the East Coast Car Association Toys for Tots...... Unbeknownst to me my husband and my son (who drove up from Maryland) took the 1957 Chevy 210 and put it in the car show.......As my guests were with me looking at classic cars, I spotted this beautiful turquoise 57 Chevy......I rushed over and began telling my friends and family about this car and why I loved it.....I went around looking for the owner of the vehicle to see if he/she would let me sit in the best friend told me to turn around and look at my husband and he was hold up a License Plate that said "Ronda's Dream Car 57 Chevy).........After I fainted (yes I fell to the ground), I was able to get inside and sit in MY classic car .

The first two pictures are when I got the car on my Birthday and the last picture is an award I received at a classic car show ( First in Class). I

look forward to many more memories in my classic car

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