James R 1953 Oldsmobile Super 88

Pop's "Return to Sorrento"

When my grandfather Pietro bought a new Super 88 Oldsmobile in 1953, he was very proud of his success in the United States and his ability to purchase a new automobile. Because of that, he decided to return to his hometown Sorrento, Italy and take his new car on the ship with him.

He arrived in Naples and drove around the bay to Sorrento. Upon his arrival, he was ready to show his relatives how successful his life in America had been. He had forgotten how narrow the streets of Sorrento were. Sometimes, he even had to back out of the street because his car would not fit. On one occasion, he even put a dent in the car, trying to turn a corner on to a narrow street.

Nobody back home probably would ever have heard the story about the car being too big for the streets, had it not been for the arrival of a soldier who had lived next door to him while growing up in Campbell, New York. He was able to tell the story back home to all of my grandfather's friends about the car that was hardly used in Sorrento.

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    Jennifer Donacik United States July 15, 2014 at 20:10
    Russo legend <3

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