Edward K 1976 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Our trips to Ocean City Maryland cruise weekends

We have been going to Ocean City, Maryland for a number of years for Crusin OC in the Spring and Endless Summer Cruise in the fall. One of my first thrills cruising there was driving on the board walk for the Boardwalk Cruise. This was in a White "75" L48 that we had at the time. We got rid of that car and picked up a Mahagony "76" L48 that has Chrome headers and Chrome Side pipes. I installed a set of Stainless Shields on the side pipes that have the word Stingray cut out in them. One weekend, we were driving the Coastal Road and was stopped at a red light. While there, someone says "Pretty" and my wife looks at me and says Eddie I think they are saying I'm pretty. I look at her and say, Ruthie they are saying the car is pretty but she insisted the compliment was for her so I just let it be. But riding around in your classic in Ocean City just makes you feel real good and there are so many other classics around you that it's like a weekend back in time. People come down there just to watch and listen to the cars. I don't care who you are or how old you are you would really enjoy cruising in Ocean City just like we do.

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