kenny C 1937 Ford Model 77 1/2 Ton 2dr Pickup

Nothing Like The First time

I bought a 1937 ford pick up at a the pumpkin run car show she was so cool looking the first time I saw her sitting there It was love at first site. My father and I loaded her and took her home got her started up and she had that great flathead sound. After a few days of playing she was placed in the barn where she rested for about 10 years. After building drag cars and other thing my wife said are ever going to do anything with Sally . yes I called her sally. So one night my wife and I power washed her and began taking her apart. Once or twice a week we would spend 12-16 hours a day with Sally and over a period of three years she began to take shape from one end to the other Sally was restored. fresh Washington Blue pant black fenders fresh 85 horse v8 ( with duals of course). Then on Labor day 2013 My wife and I along with my father and mother and brother maw and paw drove a model T brother a model A, all took off on her first voyage . I was nerves not knowing how she would drive not knowing if we would have any break downs. After the first 15-20 miles I thought back to the first time I saw her and all the work that we had done the little truck performed beautifully the sound of the v8 was awesome I looked at my wife and said to her I can't believe it a dream come true. the ride the feel the touch after that day Sally became my best girl( don't tell my wife) yes there is nothing like the first time.

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