robbie v 1971 Chevrolet C10 1/2 Ton 2dr Fleetside Pickup

My Dad and me

MY Dad bought me a 1968 Camaro when I was twelve, it was a 327 real straight and solid car , he had the motor all redone for me. The car was green so as I was turning 16 years old then I really became interested in the car, so my dad would make deals with me I worked in summertime with him at his car lot as a lot boy and he would by things for my car like cowl induction hood, I upgraded the powerglide to a 400 turbo and crowercam and four barel with 650 holley . Then we had the car painted black with 1969 red stripes on hood and trunk was a really nice job because car was straight , now the plot thickens when I wanted a positive traction rear end and triple leaf springs , my Dad told me if I made honor role in school he would purchase the items and I could install them , so I made honor role and located the parts from a guy around 1981 or 82 called Camaro specialist an there it set was a 1969 black mint yenko Camaro. I went over and checked the car out having never seen one and I remember it was bad. So it was for sale me and dad asked how much and he said $10,000 now my dad had the money but we thought that was way to much, so I purchased my parts and went on .

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